The Hyena: Animal spirit of the ANC

David Bullard |

June 14, 2022

David Bullard writes about why that sweeper is ideal for our liberation motion


I typically surprise which animal spirit the ANC would select to adequately characterize every thing that represents the good liberation social gathering. Quite like, in the US, Republicans are represented by an elephant and Democrats extra appropriately by a donkey.

Having contemplated the matter at size over the previous few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that the noticed hyena would finest characterize ANC values, significantly now that rival ANC clans appear to be hovering over one another to grab no matter is leftover of the South African physique politic carcass.

The noticed hyena ticks the containers for a number of causes. Firstly, the hyena is kind of able to being an environment friendly hunter, however usually prefers to hunt out and raid the kills of different predators. It is a excellent metaphor for Black Financial Empowerment by which we now have seen, over the previous twenty-eight years, the hyenas of the ANC request a serious stake in firms to which they’ve contributed nothing.

They haven’t began companies, they contribute little or no to operating the enterprise and sometimes would not have the faintest thought of ​​how companies function. However there they’re, due to the unfolding of the work, sitting on the board, withdrawing giant salaries and dashing to spend them in luxurious automobiles and different jewels. This bling show exhibits lesser hyenas the hierarchy throughout the clan and exhibits what’s potential if you cannot fear about killing your self.

Secondly, the hyena is completely in tune with all the most recent LGBTQ + and trans Marxist considering that at the moment plagues our faculties. The feminine’s genitals carefully resemble these of the male; the clitoris has the form and place of a penis and is able to erection. Somewhat disconcerting for organic male hyenas relating to mating time little doubt, however judging by the proliferation of hyena cubs, clearly every thing in the end works properly on this trans animal neighborhood.


The Wikipedia entry for the noticed hyena additionally mentions that it is named the “laughing hyena” and anybody who has paid shut consideration to what’s occurring to Nkandla over the previous few years would instantly see the similarity.

Wikipedia continues: “The species has a largely unfavourable repute in African folklore … It’s seen as grasping, gluttonous, silly and silly, however highly effective and probably harmful.” Nuff mentioned.

However, as Mrs B jogged my memory, the noticed hyena can also be the wildlife equal of your native rubbish man. It consumes nearly each a part of the carcass together with the bones and leaves nearly no proof that there was a kill. As certainly one of nature’s most effective cowl operators, he’s actually a worthy image of the ANC.

One other surprisingly acceptable similarity is the territorial exercise of the noticed hyena. Clans have well-defined looking areas and if a clan hyena strays to the realm of ​​a rival clan there could possibly be issues. So, for instance, a Gauteng hyena would do properly to avoid the KZN clan’s looking grounds, though a hyena that recurrently wanders into one other clan’s territory may finally be accepted into that clan.


The true drawback comes when meals is scarce and hyenas are compelled to combat one another for survival. Which is precisely what we’re seeing with the ANC now.

Two distinct clans of political hyenas apprehensive about their very own survival and comfortable sufficient to tear one another aside whatever the long-term penalties. The place is a pleasure of political lions when you actually need them?

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